Medication-Assisted Treatment for Fentanyl Addiction

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Proudly serving serving Milwaukee, our methadone clinics provide adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from Fentanyl, heroin, oxycodone, and other opiates.

Understanding Fentanyl Abuse

Understanding Fentanyl Abuse Recovery

Prescribed to treat severe to chronic pain, fentanyl is a synthetic opioid pain medication that is commonly prescribed to patients after a medical procedure. Working with the opiate receptors in the brain, fentanyl increases the level of dopamine that is released, which causes individuals who are using this medication to feel extreme euphoria and relaxation. Fentanyl is commonly compared to morphine due to the effects that it has on individuals who use it. Many find themselves quickly addicted to this medication due to the highly addictive properties that are carried along with its use, as well as the euphoric feelings that take place when it is consumed. Like most opioids, overcoming an addiction to fentanyl can be extremely challenging.

Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers are here to assist you or someone you love in safely progressing towards a life without addiction. By taking part in our medication-assisted treatment, patients are able to eliminate the physical discomforts of withdrawal while receiving treatment for the psychological component of their addictive behavior through the use of therapeutic interventions.

The dedicated team of addiction treatment experts at Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers understands the complexities and challenges associated with fentanyl addiction. Our program is designed to provide patients with the highest quality of customized care in order to address and treat their individual needs. Not only does our medication-assisted treatment provide patients with relief from the physical discomforts of withdrawal, it also provides patients with the mental clarity that is required in order to focus on their recovery. By tackling an addiction in an all-encompassing manner, patients are able to address and process the physical and emotional components of their addiction. The therapeutic interventions offered at Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers provide patients with a safe and supportive atmosphere in which to openly discuss any array of topics related to their addiction and recovery. We are here to assist you in achieving the healthy, happy, and substance-free life that you deserve to be living.

Types of Treatment Offered

Types of Treatment Offered for Fentanyl Abuse at our Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers

As a network of outpatient treatment providers, Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers provides men and women, aged 18 and older, with the highest quality of care as they are treated for fentanyl dependence. Our dedicated staff of physicians, nurses, and counselors assists patients in developing a customized plan of treatment that meets their unique needs. Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers offer patients the following therapeutic services and medications to incorporate into their treatment plans:

Methadone: Working with the same receptors in the brain that are typically activated by the use of fentanyl, methadone provides patients with relief from the physical symptoms of withdrawal while keeping cravings for additional opioid use at bay. Unlike fentanyl, methadone will not cause patients to experience a euphoric high, which allows patients to continue taking part in treatment in a productive manner. The use of methadone is extremely safe when taken as prescribed within a licensed treatment facility.

Suboxone: Utilizing a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine, Suboxone is a safe treatment option for individuals struggling with opioid addiction. Suboxone is approved effective and safe by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the treatment of fentanyl dependence. The buprenorphine portion of Suboxone works by alleviating the physical discomforts that often take place during the withdrawal process, while also curbing cravings for additional fentanyl use. Naloxone protects patients against overdose and abuse. Individuals who are prescribed Suboxone will be able to play an active role in daily obligations such as work as the use of this medicine will not cause cognitive impairments.

Subutex (Buprenorphine): Using buprenorphine as its active component, Subutex provides patients with relief from the physical symptoms of withdrawal while diminishing cravings for continued fentanyl use. The use of Subutex provides patients with the mental clarity that is required in order to successfully progress in treatment. Many patients who are prescribed Subutex will begin treatment on this medication but later transition onto Suboxone for long-term maintenance.

Individual therapy: In addition to the medications that are prescribed within treatment, patients at Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers are invited to incorporate the use of therapeutic interventions into their treatment plan. Individual therapy provides patients the opportunity to work one-on-one with a highly qualified counselor in order to work through the underlying causes of their addictive behaviors. Individual sessions also provide patients with a safe atmosphere in which to discuss any questions or issues that may arise during the course of treatment.

Group therapy: In addition to individual therapy, patients of Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers are also invited to take part in group therapy sessions. These counselor-led sessions bring patients together with other individuals who are also receiving treatment for addiction. By working alongside their peers, patients are able to provide and receive support and encouragement from others who understand the struggles associated with addiction. These structured sessions allow patients the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics in relation to their recovery and addiction.

Why Consider Treatment

Why Consider Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers for Fentanyl Abuse

The negative effects that are directly linked to fentanyl abuse can drastically alter an individual’s physical and emotional state. Gastrointestinal issues, depression of the immune system, and hindrances in daily functioning are all among the physical disruptions that are linked to fentanyl dependence. In addition to the physical disruptions, many individuals addicted to this medication will experience an intense lack of motivation, as well as changes in their personality. Because of these shifts, many will notice that relationships begin to crumble, performance at work suffers, which can result in job loss and the onset of financial issues, and run-ins with the legal system can take place. In addition, fentanyl abuse can cause increased levels of paranoia, and the onset of delusions and hallucinations to take place.

The treatment provided at Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers offers patients the opportunity to safely regain control of the life that addiction has consumed. Our compassionate team of experts understands the complexities associated with addiction and recovery, and is readily available to assist you or someone you love in taking the first steps towards a life free from addiction.