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Offering effective and safe medication-assisted treatment to men and women ages 18 and above, West Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Center provides the life-saving care that can help individuals break free from the powerful clutches of opioid addiction. When an individual is addicted to opioids such as heroin or prescription pain medications, he or she must overcome numerous physiological and psychological hurdles in order to recover. The withdrawal symptoms that emerge once a person has stopped abusing an opioid can be painful and uncomfortable enough to cause that individual to resume his or her addictive behaviors. Furthermore, if an individual does not confront and address the emotional factors that contributed to his or her addiction, relapse is also more likely.

At West Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Center, we are proud to offer treatment that addresses the complexities of opioid addiction. Our staff of compassionate and dedicated professionals is expertly trained in helping men and women successfully defeat their addictions and is available to provide ongoing support throughout each patient’s recovery journey. We utilize time-tested and effective medication as part of our treatment, and these same staff members monitor the progress of each person that we treat.  Individuals who heal with us receive the following medication, which has been proven to successfully alleviate the physical symptoms of withdrawal:

  • Methadone

The dosage that is recommended is based solely on the specific needs of each individual patient, and can be adjusted as needed.

Our Treatment Therapies

Additionally, West Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Center provide patients with the care they need to tackle the emotional and psychological challenges of addiction as well. Our staff of counselors is trained to address the unique therapeutic needs of those battling addiction and to do so with an unparalleled dedication to helping people transform their lives. The following therapeutic interventions may be included in the personalized treatment plans that are created for all patients at West Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Center:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy

The number of therapy sessions that each patient participates in will be dependent upon his or her needs and treatment goals. At West Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Center, we believe that including these additional methods of care will enable our patients not only to reach their recovery goals, but to exceed them.

If you or someone you love would like to learn more about our medication assisted treatment, do not hesitate to contact us. At West Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Center, freedom from the shackles of heroin and painkiller addictions can begin today.